This glove can survive fire, crushing and chainsaws

A company has made a virtually indestructible glove that can survive fire, crushing and CHAINSAWS.

Schmitz Mittz have built the tough hand protection to repel extreme heat, pressure and cutting from sharp objects and jagged metal – and electric power saws.

Invented by Randy Schmitz, a former Canadian firefighter in Calgary, they are used by fire services across North America to rescue people from burning buildings and wrecked cars.

Videos on the company’s website showed the gloves being inflated in a vacuum chamber and not breaking.

The gloves can also be seen being used by firefighters in training drills pulling burning cars apart and sawing through windscreen glass, before tearing the glass with their hands.

A testimonial posted by Landon Phillips, a firefighter from Calgary, Canada, claims the company’s UtlityArmor glove took the force of an reciprocating chisel saw coming right at him and still didn’t break.

He said: “I noticed out of my peripheral that the recip saw let go from a jam and was coming right for me. I brought my left hand up to guard the glancing blow.

“The rubber knuckle guard on the Utility Armor glove took the blow, along with the rubber finger protection, and there was absolutely no damage to my hand.”

Former firefighter, Chief Rob Wiley, of the Cottleville Fire District in Charles County, Maryland, claims the extraordinary hand-ware are like “hard hats for your hands”.

He said: “They’ll protect you from crushing, from heat, from cuts, you ma,e it we’ve got it.

“In the past we would have these bulky fire gloves which protect from heat and some cuts from jagged metal and broken glass but they lack dexterity. That’s not something you find in one glove.

“Schmitz Mittz has come up with the answer. The gloves they offer come up with the best of both worlds.

“They’re good gloves and you don’t lack the dexterity and allow you to deal with vehicle accidents and remain functional.

“These gloves are a winner, you can wear them and do what you need to do and still protect your hands. They say they are hard hats for your hands – and they really are.”

Ultra-Mittz, Rescue X Extracations Waterproof and four different UtilityArmor gloves which range from $39.95 to $79.95.


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