Will Blackpool become Britain’s Vegas?

For many years now the seaside town of Blackpool has been slowly yet surely converting into a UK version of Las Vegas. The Government nearly a decade ago ensured there would be a liberalisation of Britain’s gaming laws as well as promising a future of massive gaming sheds with wall-to wall casinos, bingo halls, restaurants and amusement arcades.

A few years back the company owner of Leisure Parcs who acquired the famous Blackpool Tower stated that Blackpool needed to reinvent itself as the nation’s first casino resort. However these efforts for Blackpool have been unsuccessful as of yet.

The plans to make Blackpool the UK’s answer to Las Vegas were created back in 2001 when the British multimillionaire, Trevor Hemmings, wanted to create a Vegas-style hotel and retail complex on the Blackpool seafront. It was rumoured to have 1,000 beds, 2,500 slot machines, and 100,000 sq. ft. of gaming floors which would include all the most popular games including roulette, blackjack and many more. Another millionaire, Marc Etches, also had plans which would have helped convert Blackpool into a UK Las Vegas.

Etches had a vision of an Egyptian themed 500-bedroom, four-star casino hotel, which would have been completed with sphinxes and pyramids on land, that they and the council own close to the Blackpool tower. However since these ideas were generated there has been very little concrete development. Plans have either failed to fall through, or development has been stunted due to financial matters and permissions not being granted.

One of the main reasons that more and more people are choosing to head to a casino for a night out is due to the extensive rise in online gambling and gaming, making casino games more accessible than ever. With this rise in online gambling, there has also been an increase in detailed guides and free information on how to play the casino games. An example of this is 888casino’s roulette strategy guide, which gives players detailed instruction on how to play roulette, various betting strategies and systems that players can use, bankroll management for the game and roulette odds. Detailed guides such as this will encourage people to learn more about the games that they want to play, practice via online casinos and gradually increase and develop their new skills by heading to casinos in popular destinations such as Blackpool. Blackpool has simply adapted to a new growth in demand for casinos, and therefore attempted to become Britain’s version of Las Vegas.

Although Blackpool had many ideas for creating several super-casinos, they were all snubbed by the Government in 2007. Nevertheless the idea remained popular, particularly with many locals who signed a petition against the Government’s decision to reject the town’s ideas of Blackpool as a mini Las Vegas. Although the petition was unsuccessful, Blackpool is still home to many casinos within a small, concentrated area much like the Las Vegas Strip, therefore keeping true to its new nickname: the Las Vegas of Britain.

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