People whose Lives were Changed by Gambling for the Better

Gambling is considered by many a potentially dangerous activity. And it can indeed be dangerous, especially if the right kind of personality meets the right circumstances. Of course, it takes a person prone to addiction to become a gambling addict, just like in any other case – some people get addicted to drugs, tobacco, and alcohol, others don’t. There’s no use in denying that danger is clearly there, especially in the case of land-based gambling, with most of the activity taking place in establishments designed to make their patrons play even more.

There are two sides to every story

As you might expect, there are two sides to every story. Nobody denies the dangers of gambling – yet nobody should deny its potential to improve some lives, too. We could mention the jobs created by gambling companies, and the taxes they pay – taxes that are used to fund a variety of projects. We could also mention the casino games’ entertainment value – many people all over the world truly enjoy playing casino games, and the Royal Vegas Casino and all other similar gaming venues bring these games within their reach. But we won’t – we’re going to take a look at those cases when people’s lives were changed by massive, unexpected wins.

Online casino players can try the best progressive casino games remotely, using their computers and smartphones. These progressive games promise big wins for their luckiest players, and they also have the habit of delivering on their promise. In 2015, Mega Moolah – game players can try at the Royal Vegas – has made the headlines when it paid out a world record breaking jackpot to a lucky UK veteran, Jon Heywood. The win, worth over £13 million, couldn’t have come at a better moment for Jon: it allowed him not only to change his car and take his family on a cruise but also to pay for the best medical care for his sick father.

Jackpot wins

Online casino games offer their players the chance to win big – and such wins happen more often than you think. Last year, the Mega Moolah slot machine paid out at least four seven-figure jackpots – statistically, it pays out more often than state lotteries. Microgaming’s popular slot machine is among the most generous in the online gambling world – according to the developer’s website, the game has paid out over 900 million euros since it was introduced more than a decade ago. There’s no telling how many lives it has changed ever since.

Of course, this doesn’t make gambling a charity. Yet the fact remains: it did cause a definitely positive change in many people’s lives. And that’s something, I guess.

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