Online gaming – and role of the UK economy

Before the Spacewar, the computers were kept in the large wooden cabinets of the living rooms and have very less to entertain its users. However, after the start of the 1960s, computers were installed at MIT and students were let to mess with them.

The term “hacker” came to birth, being a modern cracker of the security systems.

Video revolution

At the very moment, a new form of the computer was made at MIT named PDP-1.

These computers were compact and had the size of a large freezer while they were easier to use.  Being more powerful, it doesn’t require any communications via a printer, but by using the highly précised cathode ray for video display.

As this model of computer kame into existence, people started to use their fictional knowledge and dreamy sense to make the amazing video games.

Economic legacy

Later on, some of the other enthusiasts joined in, and made the games much faster and smoother, by introducing the new controllers into the game and special effects.

As the computers started available at cheaper prices and able enough to install the arcades, the game industry got blossomed.

These computer games showed themselves as a strong rival against the film industry in the revenue of the UK. They became important cultural too.

Success stories

Having said this, the UK has also got a long and lively history of the classic video gaming and later online gaming. Having the global audience of about 2.2 to 2.6 billion, the UK’s global gaming market is expected to reach $140 billion this year and $180 billion by 2021.

During June 2018, a total number of active online games in the UK was 2261, of various scales and sizes, carrying the high-class talent from all across the spectrum of the gaming technology – from console to mobile, from the sectors like AR and VR, sports and so on.  There is also a segment of Londoners who enjoy free spins with no deposit as it increases the chances of winning for free.

The latest global UK success stories include:

  • Grand Theft Auto V 

This is the highest financial gaming product belonging to the UK gaming industry, which sold more than 95 million items all over the world and added $6 billion in the global gaming revenue. Being the fastest selling game, raising $1 billion all over the world in only 3 days, and the top selling game of the UK, it generated $240 million by over 6 million copies of the game sold. GTA V continued to amaze everyone by being on the top of the list of UK chart given in March 2018, even after 5 years of its first launch.

  • Batman: Arkham Knight 

This is also a fast selling of the last years and a winner of various awards, being the best British game.

  • Monument Valley

The game was downloaded more than 26 million times and is the winner of 20 various international awards, produced by none other than the UK.

UK Games Map

UK games map is an attractive and the real-time structure showing the UK games industry.

This is built with the help of Nesta and provides the proper dataset of the geography of all of the games of UK gaming industry.

This map is being constantly updated including the novel data taken from all across the gaming industry – after its launch in September 2016, it has been updated 1000 times to incorporate data from various platforms.

Game-ready infrastructure

The broadband penetration and mobile phone are the main drivers of the UK gaming industry. According to the latest report of the communication market of 2017, the analysis and substantial data of UK telecom show the following facts:

  • Almost 88% of the total UK households have complete access to the internet with an annual increase of 2%. There exist 25.3 million broadband connections which are fixed and 10.8 million out them are super-fast (>30 Mbps)

Future of UK gaming

With the advanced effects of the video games and their remarkable influence on the economy of Great Britain has made everyone more curious about the future of the relationship prevailing between gaming UK’s economy. There is much more to see and analyses and many other things are going to amaze the gamers yet. But the question is that whether the modern world would be able to compete for the hard levels of gaming strategies? Let’s leave it to the future spectacles which are going to shine over the gaming industry.

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