Which are the Best Casinos in London?

If you’re the kind of person who likes a flutter on the spin of a wheel or the turn of a deck of cards, then you aren’t short of choices on where to stake your cash in London. And the good thing about casinos in England’s capital is that they tend to be a bit classier and more upmarket than your flashy Las Vegas strip joints that appear in films like The Hangover. These are the kind of stylish places that James Bond would go to.


Before visiting one of the fanciest UK land-based casinos, you may want to get some practice in at the best UK online casino so you don’t look like a fish in front of all the high-rollers. But while Casino Cruise offers thrilling gaming at exotic locations, Aspinalls in London provides an exhilarating experience closer to home. Opened by the casino mogul John Aspinall in the 1960s, this extravagant and opulent venue is reserved for exceptionally affluent patrons who can gamble on classic games like roulette, craps and blackjack while also enjoying the jaw-dropping surroundings.
The dining options available are out of this world as well. There is the choice of Italian, Lebanese, and Asian cuisine from highly experienced culinary staff headed up by well-known chef Nicola Ducceshi. Be warned, though, that if you turn up to the doors of Aspinalls wearing anything other than a tuxedo or an evening dress you won’t stand a chance of getting into this exclusive club.

The Crockfords Club

The Crockfords Club is famously hard to get into, membership is at the manager’s discretion and new patrons have to be recommended by existing ones. It is set in a grand Georgian house and named after William Crockford, the founder of the first ever London casino. Players can enjoy American roulette, blackjack, casino stud poker, and punto banco from 2pm until 6am every day. The typical spend is up to £1000 a number on roulette, which should give an idea of just what kind of clientele this place attracts.

The Ritz Club

The Ritz Club is home to perhaps the greatest casino experience in the UK, and rich gamblers travel from all over the world to play games in the grand and luxurious environment of the Piccadilly club. This is an exclusive casino that requires prospective customers to complete a lengthy application form which can be procured by contacting the club directly. Aspiring customers may also be required to provide evidence of their source of wealth.
Once in to this select establishment, customers are treated with the utmost respect and exposed to some of the best quality service in the world. They will be picked up directly from the airport by limousine and taken to the casino, where they will also be provided with a discreet concierge service during their stay in the city.
These are probably the best three casinos on offer in London, but there should also be some other notable mentions. Les Ambassadeurs overlooking Hyde Park and 50 St James in the heart of Mayfair are both definitely worth a visit.

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