7 Things Online Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

Many of us have a serious love affair with casino gambling, and online casinos have just made it easier for us to maintain this passion. However, at times it’s best to curb your enthusiasm and keep a tight rein on your bank account and savings. Either you are a believer in conspiracies or not, casinos have and are designed to entice you into winning a lot of money. Your chances, on the other hand, are pretty slim, but casinos make it in such a way that you don’t always realize that.

As we all know, the online casino industry is fierce, and because of the harsh competition, they go above and beyond in offering you top games and services which will keep you hooked –particularly since you’re in the comfort of your own home.

If you join in at a casino that displays lucrative and too-good-to-be-true bonuses, promotions, or an impressive casino welcome bonus, chances are there are at least seven things you don’t know about online casinos. That is why we have decided to expose several secrets you should be aware of before starting betting:

1. Bonus Hunting

The way that casinos are designed, it doesn’t make sense for players to chase bonuses or make an appealing deposit only once they come across a good offer. Instead, the positive outcome has to be positive for the casino. In other words, online bets will ask you to reach a certain level before claiming a bonus, pushing the limit just enough before making you realize how much you’re losing and why.

The idea is that only over time, while you play and gain more experience, will the expected value of a bonus be favorable enough to increase your chances and make your win.

2. Don’t quit when you’re Ahead technique

Your winning streak is not good for business. Most of us feel like Gods when we win one hand after the other, and that makes the whole investment ever more appealing. However, we rarely think it’s time to get up and leave.

Most of the time, it’s true that you win if you quit when you’re ahead, but gambling is more of an emotional investment rather than solely a financial one. That’s precisely why some players lose their heads at casinos, especially when they are winning.

3. Rigged Betting Systems

Online casinos love and thrive off players who believe that a specific formula or a betting system will earn you massive prizes. As a matter of fact, they might even serve you free drinks for the rent of the evening and give you a limo ride to a popular casino just because you will be losing money.

What most people forget is that casinos are mathematically built, meaning that they are designed to offer the house high payback percentages. Although you might win here and there, they will always win in the long haul of things. It’s not luck that’s on their side; it’s pure math.

In other words, there are few to no betting systems that genuinely work. However, casinos don’t want you to know this fact and will always welcome you with open arms should you feel like throwing your hard-earned savings away on make-believe formulas.

4. Other “Useful” Tools

You might have seen roulette scoreboard tools such as electronic scoreboards that are placed on the top corner of the screen, displaying the last 5 to 20 numbers that were hit. Be it due to massive egos or not, most of us believe that we can guess the next figures based on the scoreboard we see in front of us. In turn, casinos use them because they can devise better strategies which are psychologically adaptive to our ways of thinking and betting.

The truth is that the roulette is as predictable as a crystal ball: it won’t tell you anything. The software uses a random wheel spin that is entirely random and has nothing to do with memory or previous numbers. In other words, the ball may land on zero three times in a row, and afterward, it may not fall on zero for the entire evening. Sorry to disappoint!

5. Welcome, Here is our amazing Jackpot

The story of the jackpot is not the story of the winning. It’s the story of how your life will change after you win.

This elaborate story will adjust the amounts you are willing to invest for your future, your family, and your next holiday. In fact, everything is systematically designed to create the scene of the story –a fairy-tale you’ll want to be part of.  Maybe you even want to be part of the Winners Hall. As you might know, some casinos also have a section with stories of jackpot winners narrating their happy moments. This, in turn, is enough to make success-hungry individuals sign up and invest in a progressive casino jackpot.

6. Odds and Probabilities

If you’re a casino lover, then you surely have some games which you can’t stop playing. Of course, despite your individual preferences, not all games have the same odds as others. For this reason and more, it’s essential to understand how odds and probabilities work, and whether the house has the advantage.

Understanding how these terms are established is the key to understanding all gambling. Of course, don’t forget that some casino games have lower standard a deviation, while others have higher. You need to be familiar with all these factors, and at the end of the day, ask yourself: is it worth me playing at all?

7. Lower House Edge Games

Casinos will often not advertise online games that have a lower house edge because players start by having the upper hand. There are certain games of skill which you can beat and win at, including poker, craps, or blackjack –since they are not solely based on sheer luck.

If you have never played them, it might be time to consult a guide and see where you skillset might land you.


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