Review: Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear Earphones

Opening Notes

The Momentums are available in a variety of hardware compatibility options (I am testing a set configured for Samsung Galaxy devices), most likely to pair up with the inline three-button remote (volume, pause and built-in mic). All music audio tests were carried out using Spotify for mobile and desktop.

Sound Quality

As expected from the Momentum range the bass performance on the in-ear model is powerful. Out of the box it’s clear that balance and clarity took precedence during development, and the result is a clear, even listening experience. Telecaster tones, synths and cymbals sound bright and brilliant without feeling hollow or tinny, while bass thrums provide enough feedback to really fill out the lower frequencies.

In PC and Mac tests the Momentums performed exceptionally, with stable quality across music and video audio. Tests on Android mobile were less predictable. I found that the listening experience was markedly improved after a few small tweaks to the Samsung Galaxy EQ to bring out the mids however – initially I found vocal and guitar tracks were getting lost in the balance – but your experience may differ depending on the factory settings of your device equaliser.

The Momentum’s noise-isolating qualities are impressive, too, but there is a little richness missing in the mids that prevents the overall audio output from feeling as full as it could. All-told, the sound signature of the Momentums is crisp and nuanced, with depth usually reserved for models in more eye-watering price brackets, but the mids lack some warmth.


It’s a cardinal rule that’s easy to overlook, but fit really is everything. The Momentums are a friendly set of earphones but choosing the correct ear-bud size and taking the time to fit them correctly is essential to the listening experience.

The Momentums come with three variations of ear bud size, catering for those who like a large, comfy fit through to super-small and snug. I found the larger fit cancelled more outside noise and brought out the details in the bass a little more. Even with the ideal ear-buds fitted I found that slipping and dislodging occurred fairly regularly when on the move, though they remained light and comfortable after hours of use.

Build Quality

The Momentums are more understated than they first appear. I am reviewing the red variation and the palette strikes a stylish line, with flashes of colour and a downplayed metallic finish. The earphones have a plastic outer with a stainless-steel, precision-engineered sound tunnel which adds a premium touch to the overall package, even if it’s difficult to say how much the material upgrade benefits the sound.

The presentation, from the stainless steel detailing to the sleek travel case, add quiet flare. If you are looking to make a bold statement with your audio headgear then the gentle touches and smooth profile of the Momentums may be too subtle for you. Sennheiser have left the audio quality to do the talking, it seems.

Closing Comments

This isn’t the gutsiest sound out there, but it’s hard to fault the Momentums for clarity and detail. At this price point the audio balance is hard to beat, with a solid low-end offering if you need it, too. More power in the mids off the factory line wouldn’t go amiss but this is a minor gripe in the face of a versatile sound signature. It’s a great all-round package, and the added extra touches like the premium acoustic sound tunnel and build quality makes the Momentum’s an easily recommendable set of earphones for most audiophiles.

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