Freedom Debt Relief Reviews: Helpful Finance Takeaways from FinCon

Every year lovers of all things finance and technology gather for FinCon, the largest financial content expo in the world. This expo allows people to talk about all the latest and greatest trends in the industry. Not only that, FinCon topics usually are in line with what the general population cares about.

Being up to date on the latest financial trends can help you minimize the risk of fraud and maximize your bank account. You benefit because companies are constantly innovating to stay competitive. If you don’t know about the latest offerings, you can’t take advantage. Freedom Debt Relief Reviews the most helpful finance takeaways from FinCon to keep you up to speed.

The topics the general population cares about this year? Tax reform and cybersecurity.

Technology to Protect

The giant Equifax leak this year had consumers everywhere worried about cybersecurity. This data breach led to consumers freezing their credit via the credit-reporting agencies. While this method protects you from new fraudulent accounts being opened, it doesn’t protect you from fraud in your existing accounts.

Freedom Debt Relief reviews that your savings, checking, investments and credit cards could all be at risk. Where there is a need, businesses step in. EverSafe is just one example of a company that watches your accounts for any suspicious activity and resolves the situation with you. This service could see large growth in the near future.

Security for Businesses Too

Small businesses need to mind their security as well. A lot of entrepreneurs decide to use a debit card rather than credit to avoid taking on any debt. Gerri Detweiler, who is the head of market education for the small business site Nav, says this is the wrong choice. She notes that “business debit cards are the only type of plastic not covered by federal laws limiting liability if they’re used by someone fraudulently.”

Freedom Debt Relief reviews that this means, if someone is able to use your business debit card fraudulently, you’ll be completely on the hook for the charges. That’s a hit your small business can’t afford and doesn’t have to take. Use a credit card to stay protected.

Don’t Wait on The 401(k)

Freedom Debt Relief reviews that traditional advice usually recommends choosing a percentage of your salary and committing that to your 401(k). The idea is that as your income increases so does your contribution. Bobbi Rebell, author of How to Be a Financial Grownup, advises putting as much money in your 401(k) as you possibly can.

With all the debate surrounding tax-deductible contributions, they may soon be a thing of the past. You should take advantage of them fully while they’re still around.

Tech Helps Consumers

Freedom Debt Relief reviews that perhaps the best part of FinCon is an annual competition held to find an early-stage business offering that solves a common consumer problem. After all, we’re all looking for technology that helps us in our everyday life.

This year’s winner was Birch Finance, an application designed to help credit card users maximize rewards. This is not a new concept, but the way Birch Finance has done it is special. The user interface is aesthetically pleasing and intuitive.

The app shows your spending patterns and your missed rewards all whilst telling you how you can keep more money in your pocket by using the credit cards you already own.



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