Fleet Telematics – The Nuts And Bolts

Vehicle fleets play a critical role on a daily basis for many different companies. If a particular vehicle isn’t available when a member of that company needs it, they can’t do their job. Along with the impact it has on the running of a company, operating a fleet also involves significant cost too. Given the importance and cost often involved, easier ways to manage said fleet are usually sought with the help of a fleet manager and of course, fleet telematics. From keeping costs down to keeping an eye on the whereabouts of each vehicle within the fleet; fleet managers have a tough job on their hands. Having something to make it easier is therefore a huge advantage and that’s where fleet telematics comes in. The question is, just what is fleet telematics?


What Is Fleet Telematics?

Fleet telematics is design to be a fleet manager’s trusted advisor. Fleet telematics aims to help you not only plan for the future but ensure more productivity day to day. It also allows you to react to unforeseen events in real-time. Backed by continually updated data, it allows fleet managers to focus on the bigger picture, enjoying total control as they do. Enigma Telematics, provide a fleet telematics service, Skyline, that gives you total control of your fleet from anywhere in the world, let’s take a look at what that means exactly;


  •      Fleet Management – The benefits of fleet management are vast. From improved performance of your fleet overall thanks to the tracking of key vehicles and asset systems to regular fleet reports, user control and of course, additional security. While this may sound difficult to obtain, Skyline, our online management portal makes everything quick, easy and accessible. Skyline will deliver you accurate insight, customisable to your own preferences. This makes managing your fleet easier than ever before.


  •      Driver Behaviour – With the help of fleet telematics, you can finally put an end to poor driving behaviour by your entire fleet. Whether it’s speed, fuel consumption or even excessive use, our online telematics portal will allow you to monitor every aspect of driver behaviour. It’s then down to you to use the data in order to make improvements relating to cost, safety and efficiency.


  •      Asset/Vehicle Monitoring – If you have a fleet of plant machinery or trucks, fleet telematics allows you to monitor everything from wear and tear on each asset or vehicle, down to hours of engine use. With Skyline, our asset and vehicle monitoring solution, you can receive up to date, accurate data allowing you to keep a virtual hawk eye on each forklift, tractor, truck and more. Whether you’re looking for an asset monitoring solution or vehicle, Skyline gives you the access you need and data you require to keep downtime to a minimum and yourself on top when it comes to preventative maintenance.


  •      Security – As any fleet manager will know, fleet security is one of the biggest risk factors to a fleet and ultimately the smooth running of that company. From security of a vehicle’s load to the security of the vehicle itself; fleet telematics are able to give you total control. From geo fencing in which you’re alerted when one of your fleet leaves a mapped out area of your choosing to anti-theft devices notifying you when one of your vehicles are being tampered with; fleet telematics has all aspects of security covered. From agricultural equipment to LGVs and even waste management vehicles, Skyline has all of your security related concerns covered with up to date data and alerts.

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