Custom innovation for the design and construction of Data Center

GESAB offers the best innovation in design and construction of Data Centers with the highest standards of reliability, efficiency and continuity of service in the market, adapted to each client.

At each stage of the project, the GESAB process is based on feedback from the different areas that can be offered with a professional technical team. Once ready, it allows us to generate innovative solutions and adapt them efficiently and based on the needs of the project.

GESAB is at the top of the best in technology and offers the best solutions for data processing centers generating ideas, shaping strategies and providing a vision of the future in the business achieving success in customer projects. In addition, the team of engineers with expertise in the field of data processing centers offers the ability to adapt our own products with the capacity and flexibility needed to innovate in each project, building more efficient, intelligent and reliable Data Centers.

GESAB offers the agile process of collaboration of knowledge and innovation applied to the service of project successes. In other words, working with the customer is followed in all phases to obtain an optimal result.

Data Center Efficiency and Reliability

The integral solutions of the projects allow us to offer the best quality, reliability and efficiency thanks to the feedback of the design, execution and maintenance of the centers.

The integral approach of our projects allows us to offer the highest quality, reliability and efficiency in our solutions thanks to the feedback between the design, execution and maintenance of the Data Centers.

The development of these comprehensive data center projects, supported by specialists working together, offers the energy efficiency of data processing centers par excellence. GESAB’s performance and knowledge have met the needs of all its customers.

Among these centers we can find the refrigeration systems, which reach a cooling power of 36 kW per unit, capable of providing a safe, professional and personalized response to each customer, allowing its adaptation at any time regardless of technological changes; freecooling, cooling equipment using outdoor air and energy infrastructure, are very specific technical facilities in which it must meet strict environmental, energy and safety conditions.

The customer is an important part

Constant cooperative work with the client from the beginning of the project to the end is fundamental to conceptualize the maximum guarantees and mission of working with ideas that represent the greatest benefits for customers.

Product quality

The design of the products are meticulously designed to offer the best possible experience and execution of the data processing center. They offer different solutions with quality and ergonomics in all GESAB products. The perfect combination guarantees the success of your data center and the cutting-edge development with the latest generation technologies allows us to offer efficient products for critical environments. On the other hand, the preventive and corrective maintenance service can ensure 100% of the operation of your data processing center and guarantees the continuity of your DPC.

Innovation in all the stages of the project, from design, execution, distribution… are the processes in which they have been based on the feedback of knowledge allowing to generate innovative solutions and implement them effectively. Process management is therefore fundamental to the quality of data processing centers, from their construction to their maintenance.

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