Britain, The Angriest Nation Of Drivers!

Vine star, Arthur, became an instant hit when he began uploading short videos of his outbursts on the road while driving his truck.  He received an overwhelming response from those that empathized with his road range, begging the question, are we all really that angry on the road?

Well, A recent study found that the UK is angriest nation in Europe on the road! With the city of Lincoln named as the worst, with Nottingham being the calmest.

While for many of us an episode of road rage involves some choice words directed towards the other vehicle, for some, road rage can turn quite nasty! A recent incident was captured via a helmet camera, of a cyclist who was threatened by a driver for simply being on the road.  The man who has been given the title of “The Angriest Driver in Britain“ was angered that the cyclist didn’t use the provided cycle path.

So where do you think rank on the scale of Britain’s angriest drivers? Take the quiz below find out.

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