The Best Motorhome Tech for Your Travels

Going on holiday in your motorhome is a great experience for the whole family, allowing you to spend quality time together either in the UK or further afield. While many have a preconception of motorhomes as being cramped, small and with next to no activities, the motorhome owners of 2018 will tell you that this is entirely false. Motorhoming has becoming incredibly popular as both couples and families are opting for a more relaxing, hassle-free way of travelling.

Choosing the right motorhome is key for your experience; with so many layouts, sizes and manufacturers to choose from. However, once you’ve picked your dream leisure vehicle, you should then consider what additional technology will enhance your next adventure.

Many people will opt for a motorhome that already has the optional extras installed, but if you’d rather pick and choose a few accessories to customise your motorhome holiday then let Premier Motorhomes offer some advice.

Choosing the right motorhome tech

You must remember when choosing technology for your motorhome that your vehicle has a weight restriction, so make sure you don’t go overboard on the amount of extra gadgets you buy! Think carefully about what will benefit both the driver and the passengers, and what you might need once you get to your campsite.

Choose the most necessary items first and then decide what is still missing from your experience! After all, you don’t want to risk buying too much and then not being able to take it all with you.

Second leisure battery

If you are away from a mains electric hook up, you are naturally going to use more resources in your motorhome in regards to electric and gas. You can maximise your amount of time spent away from a mains supply by taking a second leisure battery with you on your travels.

An efficient way of using your second battery is to use both batteries in parallel, so they share the workload and will therefore last longer. However, you should make sure both batteries are of a similar age and power rating as this will ensure extra efficiency.


You might benefit from from adding a dashcam to your motorhome for your travels; this could have dual benefits. If you’re travelling through incredible scenery or there’s some great views as you travel to your destination, your dashcam can capture it all effortlessly while you concentrate on the road.

However, a dashcam is really helpful for insurance purposes! It can ensure the incident is relayed properly to the correct people should you have an accident, or even witness one in front of you. Look out for dashcams that automatically start recording when the engine starts. Carry out some research and make sure you’re getting a good quality dashcam for your money.

Reversing camera

Another helpful camera to install on your motorhome is a great benefit to the designated driver. Motorhomes can be lengthy and they’re not always so easy to manoeuvre, especially if it’s your first time owning a motorhome. A reversing camera can ensure you are manoeuvring your motorhome safely; basic models will simply show what is behind the vehicle, while others will have a distance grid or proximity sensors.

This can be an incredibly helpful piece of technology even if you’re an experienced driver, as being able to see properly behind you can help to reduce the risk of accidents.

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