Tractor seized by police for ‘drag racing’ against motorbikes in bizarre miss-match of speed

A tractor has been seized by police for reportedly drag racing against motorbikes.

Police in Wiltshire have impounded the five-tonne blue tractor after being told it was racing against motorbikes.

The farm vehicle – a New Holland T6 175 tractor – was taken off the road by police in Amesbury for taking part in the “unusual” test of speed and acceleration.

In motorsport, a drag race is defined as a race between two vehicles over a short distance, usually a quarter of a mile, as a test of acceleration.

The 175bhp tractor has been spotted allegedly racing much lighter and nippier motorbikes.

It was also found to be using red diesel – duty free fuel only to be used for agricultural purposes.

Police also said the driver could not produce valid insurance at the time.

They tweeted a picture showing huge agricultural machine under police control following an operation to take it off the road.

One twitter used described it as “pretty nippy.”

The tractor had a large sticker on it saying “seized by police – no insurance”.

By Jack Longstaff

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