Purple Lamborghini abandoned after spinning off road near Tottenham Hotspurs training ground

A purple Lamborghini has been spotted abandoned in a ditch after spinning off a road near soccer club training ground.

The £270,000 motor appeared to have crashed after speeding down Hadley Road, in Enfield, London – just four miles from the football ground.

The supercar, which is believed to be a Huracan, was left lying on its side in the muddy ditch, facing towards oncoming traffic not far from Tottenham Hotspurs training ground.

Crashed car – Credit: SWNS

The driver’s door was pinned shut against the wet ground and the vehicle appears to have narrowly missed a row of trees.

A lighting cameraman Andrew Laurence, 63, spotted the sports car at 7am this morning (March 1) while on his way to work.

He said: “It happened on a dangerous part of the road. It’s a road where people put their foot down.

“We don’t see many purple Lamborghini’s around here but there are a lot of footballers because it’s close to Spurs’ training ground.

“The car was facing the wrong way and was on the wrong side of the road in the ditch.

“It must have spun off the road during the night.

“I got out to check that no one was still in it.

“I have no idea how the driver got out – it was sideways in the ditch.”

The 60mph single-carriageway road is surrounded by large open fields on one side and a thick wooded area on the other – with steep ditches lining both sides of the road.

by Emilia Bruce-Watt

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