Police pulled over van for routine search – find almost half a MILLION pounds in cash in the back

Police pulled over van for a routine search – and found almost half a MILLION pounds in cash in the back.

Officers were stunned to discover around £465,000 after they did a “stop check” on a vehicle in Leicester last in the evening of March 5th.

Pictures show around 100 bundles of what appears to be £20 and £50 notes, bound up by brightly coloured elastic bands, and spread across a carpet in the police station.

Cash – Credit:SWNS

The driver was arrested and is waiting to be questioned by officers in the West Midlands.

A spokesperson for Leicestershire Roads Policing Unit wrote: “Following a stop check on a van earlier on today, we’ve seized quite a bit of cash out the rear of the vehicle!

“We estimate it to be in the region of £465,000. Driver has been arrested and will have some explaining to do. #result #teamwork #RPU 💰 💵 👍🏻”

Cash – Credit:SWNS

A spokeswoman for Leicestershire Police said officers stopped the vehicle in the Rowley Fields area of Leicester last night.

She added: “A subsequent search of the vehicle uncovered a substantial amount of cash.

“The driver has been arrested and remains in police custody.

“He will be transferred and questioned by West Midlands Police officers as the arrest relates to an ongoing West Midlands Police investigation.”


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