Motor racer hunting thieves who broke into his garage and stole his superkarts worth £20,000

A motor racer has put an appeal out to track down the thieves who broke into his garage and stole his superkarts worth £20,000.

Steve Burton, 40, is now offering a £1,000 reward for information that leads to the safe return of the karts.

Steve and his son Luke, 22, both compete in the British National Championships for Superkarts.

But Steve, manager at a biotech company, says the theft of the karts, which can reach up to 135mph, has put a halt to the duo’s racing careers.

Steve discovered the break-in after returning home last Sunday (Dec 9) at around 1.35pm.

Cambridgeshire police have confirmed they were called to the scene of the burglary.

In an emotional appeal on Facebook, Steve wrote: “So while we were enjoying ourselves at the Superkart dinner last night some lowlife scum broke into our garage and stole both of our karts!

“Very suspicious this happened the night of the superkart dinner when we would be away from home.”

Steve, who is in “complete shock”, said the culprits managed to force his garage door open using tools also stealing wheels and tyres.

Steve adds: “It is unbelievable that someone has done this.

“I can’t understand it because they are not even made for roads so you wouldn’t be able to drive them anywhere but a race track.

“And pretty much everybody in the super kart industry is aware of this, so they won’t be able to take it to any tracks.

“Pretty much everybody is looking for them.

“It was a complete shock that anyone would consider even stealing these things.

“We hope that the people that stole these realise that they have no value outside racing and the best thing to do is to just hand them back.”

One of the Karts is an Anderson Maverick chassis with metallic blue powder coat and orange anodised parts.

The second kart is also a Anderson Maverick chassis with a metallic blue powder coat and purple anodised parts.

by Yasmin Harisha

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