A Close Look at the Amazing New Audi A8

The incredible new Audi A8 is the German manufacturer’s new flagship saloon and a vehicle that the industry has been desperately eagerly awaiting for some time. It is Audi’s most hi-tech automobile to date and one of the most advanced in the world, so it is certainly a car that will pique the interest of most motorists.

Early Previews

It was back in London in late August that people got one of their first looks at the new A8 and the hype surrounding the car since then has been huge. It was previewed at City Audi in Piccadilly on the 29th of August and those that were lucky enough to be in attendance were amazed by the technology and sleek interior. Images obtained from the event showed the stylish new cabin, an impressive double touch-screen system a new steering wheel and a digital dashboard.

Starting Price

This only scratches the surface of what the attractive A8 contains and motorists are now finding out for themselves as the car launched in early November with a starting price of £69,100. As such a big investment, motorists will need to protect themselves with GAP Insurance. Fortunately, GAP Insurance for this car is expected to be reasonable for Londoners and people afar in the UK.


So, what exactly is so great about this new luxury saloon? Audi is most proud of the Level 3 autonomous driving features. This allows the A8 to start, accelerate, brake and steer itself on any road with a central barrier between traffic directions.

Traffic Jam Assist can take over the driving and can operate up to 37mph without the need to intervene to set off from a standing start. Other amazing technology includes remote parking where the driver does not even have to be in the car, active pedestrian detection, blindspot monitoring, anti-kerbing warning, adaptive cruise control and active suspension. There is even a camera that monitors driver behaviour and will jolt seatbelt if the driver shows fatigue. The navigation and infotainment systems can communicate with other cars in the road, allowing you to find out about upcoming issues such as collisions or poor weather.


The Audi A8 is incredible inside too. It is remarkably roomy with high-quality materials, plus the digital dash looks amazing and is fully functional. The seats are big and comfortable with rear-seat passengers even having the option to recline their chairs for long journeys, as well as their own screens where they can watch TV or control certain functions.


In terms of performance, the A8 offers a wonderful driving experience which is greatly assisted by the technology, including the air suspension which adds a tremendous amount of smoothness and refinement. Currently, petrol and diesel engines are assisted by a hybrid system that enables the vehicle to travel without the engine for up to 40 seconds at a time. There will also be a plug-in hybrid version released in the near future which will have wireless charging capability and a 31-mile range.

The New Audi A8 certainly is an impressive vehicle packed full of innovative new technology, but still has all of Audi’s hallmark qualities to ensure that it is one of the best releases of the year.

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