Car bursts into flames after being driven on wheel rims for miles by drink-driver

A car burst into flames after being driven “erratically” on its wheel rim for several miles by a drink-driver.

A man was stopped by police at about 5.20am this morning (weds) following reports the driver had been weaving in and out of lanes on the A1 at Wansford, Cambs.

Officers watched the driver travel towards Stamford, Lincs., before stopping the car just moments before it caught fire.

The man escaped unharmed and was arrested by Peterborough and Lincolnshire police with the assitance of members of the public.

Peterborough Police tweeted: “This is the result of an uninsured drink driver driving on the steel rim of his wheel down the A1 and onto Tinwell Road, Stamford.

“Peterborough officers along with @lincspolice and the public, arrested the driver. #Arelief #BeNaughtyGetCaughty.”

The man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and remains in custody at Thorpe Wood Police Station.

Firefighters attended the scene and the vehicle was later recovered.

by Emilia Bruce-Watt

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