Bungling car thieves stole BMW X5 in test drive, but got caught short!

It may have been gone in 60 seconds, but unfortunately for the crooks that stole this £55K car, their bladders didn’t last much longer.

A pair of bungling car thieves were caught short after being arrested by police when they stopped at a motorway services for a toilet break.

The two men had stolen the BMW X5 during a test drive after posing as potential buyers on Boxing Day.

The vehicle’s owner called police when the crooks sped off from the scene on Pear Tree Road, in the Normanton area of Derby at around 1pm.

Officers later spotted the car on the M1 before the thieves pulled in at Leicester Forest East services when nature called.

The driver, 36, and his 19-year-old passenger, both from Derby, were arrested on suspicion of theft and are in custody being quizzed by officers.

Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit shared details of the incident on social media.

Tweeting from their @DerbyshireRPU account they wrote: “M1. X5 stolen from Derby after making off during test drive.

“Detected on the M1 but nature calls for the occupants who stopped for the loo at Leicester Forest East services.

“Both occupants arrested with assistance from @DerbysDogPolice and @LeicsPoliceRPU #Crime”.

In a comment, Patrick Silbaugh tweeted back: “They got caught with their pants down.”

M4CKK added: “Excellent work… Saved a lot of heartache.”

By Ben Gelblum and Mark Cardwell

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