What is Adobe Flash Player and do I need it?

You may already be familiar with Adobe Flash Player, after all, most internet browsers will utilise the software. If you are not familiar with it or aren’t exactly sure on the purpose it serves, then here is a short introduction to give you a flavour for its usefulness.

When surfing the internet on your browser of choice (be it chrome, safari, internet explorer, etc.) it will be utilising applications called plug-ins. The most popular plug-in is Adobe Flash Player, which is vital in order to be able to see certain types of digital content, such as, watching video, listening to audio or playing games.

You may not realise it but over 90% of those who use a computer are using Adobe Flash Player, so you may in fact be using it without even realising. It is an application that has made the lives of computer-users much the better, with its seamless ability to play online files with relative ease proving it a real necessity as an internet tool.

The Perks of using Flash Player

  • It can play various types of multimedia uninterrupted, so you will not experience any lagging in videos or fade outs with audio.
  • Anyone who loves playing games online can use this application and reap the benefit crisp, clear picture quality that doesn’t pose the threat of glitches whilst playing. For those who want to be able to access the latest in 3D graphics, this is also possible with Adobe.
  • While it never used to be, many mobile OS browsers can now use it, making it far easier to watch videos and play games on your handheld device.
  • It’s free! You don’t have to pay a penny for this valuable software that is sure to make your life far easier.

The Downside (and fixes) to Flash Player

While it has a great many uses, Adobe’s flash player software has been known to be an easy target for computer viruses and harmful malware. Their history as an ‘easy-target’ when it comes to security has not gone unnoticed by the developers and in more recent versions of the software, they have addressed these security issues to provide a more robust computer program that doesn’t compromise on protection. Be sure to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to remove all these possible threats to security.

How to Install/Update Flash player

  • Follow this link we have provided for you to download from our trusted site, Filehippo.
  • Click the Download/Install button in the top right hand corner and wait for it to download 100%.
  • If another window does not pop up after this, locate the file installer in the downloads section of your computer folders and open it.
  • Follow the installer instructions and the latest version of Adobe Flash Player will be installed.

How to Disable Flash Player

Having Flash Player installed can have a negative impact on how long it takes your browser to load up a website, so if you wish to speed this process up you may want to think about disabling the plugin. While the process of doing this varies from browser to browser, if you check your browsers settings and search for a ‘plugin’ or ‘extension’ tab and it will give you the option.

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