The 5 most influential IT companies in the UK

We spend a significant proportion of our lives working, and some of us have the pleasure of landing the job we have wished for all our lives. Working in IT services will possibly never be obsolete, and that’s because these team can focus their energy and time on developing attractive tools that can directly impact and improve the way businesses operate around the world. This quality includes the delivery of impeccable services to customers and having a say in building innovative mobile apps, security services, or working towards improving operations across businesses.

There are multiple influential IT companies within the UK where such talents are highly appreciated. Take, for example, Mustard IT, an IT support company in London, where creativity and innovation are combined with a supportive work culture of providing IT solutions to clients. It doesn’t end there, and we have put together a list of five companies which you should already know about:

1)   Mustard IT

Although we have already mentioned this company, there is more to say than meets the eye. Featuring robust and comprehensive services, Mustard IT focuses on working together with clients in order to ensure healthy and functional IT services. The variety of packages offered by the company always includes unlimited remote support –with a short waiting time of around 15 minutes. Additionally, should a fault not be corrected remotely, Mustard IT offers next day on-site support. Yes, it’s as easy as that.

Alternatively, users can rely on the advanced support options, including unlimited onsite calls and previously arranged weekly visits -accredited engineers come to inspect, consult and advise your business of any faults or concerns. It’s refreshing to find a company that understands the divergent needs of different companies, and that tailors its approach to the unique requirements of one entrepreneur or another –offering a functional plan.

Moreover, whether you have questions concerning a security breach, a disaster recovery plan, how to implement a network, prevention against cyber-attacks, or gaining an advantage from the cloud, Mustard IT has a long-standing history of excellent customer satisfaction, efficiency, and reliability.

2)   FDM

FDM Group is renowned for being an international services company that has a strong focus on IT.

Although the business has expanded and has now got offices in Leeds, Brighton, Glasgow, Toronto, New York City, Reston, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, and Singapore, their central headquarters are in London.

The history of this company is nothing short of the words “interesting” and “admirable”. Working alongside university graduates, ex-military personnel, and returners to work, FDM aids clients in achieving business objectives through the provision of excellent business and IT solutions. Not only is this a great place to work, but there are FDM academies for those who wish to further their educational goals.

The company has done remarkably well since its inception, now being listed on the London Stock Exchange, a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

3)   Thomsons

After having started out in 2000, Thomson’s goal quickly became apparent: providing excellent services by using technology able to revolutionise the employee market. Ten years later the company became an industry giant, with over 200 employees and exceeding a turnover of over £20 million. For those who have heard of this innovative and unique business before, you may already be aware of the hundreds of awards won over the years, having positively influenced many along the way.

With offices in the United Kingdom, Romania, Singapore, and the United States, Thomsons is accessible in over 130 other countries. Despite its fast-growing size, the brand remains committed to going the extra mile for partners and clients worldwide. All in all, Thomsons is one company that stuck to its motto: “challenge everything and deliver excellence”.

  • Stripe

Stripe can be viewed as a mobile and web development tool where IT plays a central role. In simple terms, the online company aims to provide businesses with instant access to different platforms which can help them seamlessly make online payments. Despite its humble start back in 2011, Stripe is nowadays valued at around $1.75 billion, which is admirable for the two Irish brothers who launched the development tool.

In addition to the alluring financial health and exponential growth over the past couple of years, there are many more benefits to being part of Stripe, including an open vacation policy (your annual leave is not counted as days) and the encouragement of office staff working together in solving any potential IT problems. All in all, this company handles billions of dollars each year in transactions, being one of the fastest growing companies on the Internet.

5)   The Outside View

With a small number of ten employees, The Outside View is an innovative start-up which is bound to influence the IT world in the following years. The company is a predictive analytics company which significantly focuses on big data –IT playing a central role in their ability to do so. Whether they are focused on working with already-developed software, or whether they are creating new algorithms on the cloud, the Outside View lives up to its name.

There are multiple things which make the company prominent in the IT world. One of these factors is embracing new technologies and conducting relevant research -providing customers with state-of-the-art solutions to common IT problems. The entire company is built upon the value of tracking and analysing three core aspects of their own lives, and that of their client base: health, happiness, and wealth.

The ultimate goal is to become elite performers within their field and create a link between science and business solutions. Doing this is not random, as the business aims to replace the words “I think” with “I know”, by using analytics and significant data research.


Since technological advancements are being created every single day, there needs to be a service which behind the doors understand this depth of knowledge and can provide IT support for clients worldwide.

It can be overwhelming to handle business affairs on your own, especially if you don’t have the needed expertise. The good news is that there is help available, and these five influential IT companies are just the cherry on top.

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