5 features a reliable VPN provider should have

Finding a tool to protect your online privacy is not a problem anymore. The number of virtual private network providers rises so fast that now the problem is not in finding any service but in choosing the right one. Especially, if you are running a company and you do not want hackers to steal your data. If you are that kind of a VPN client and you do not want any shock to threaten your internet privacy, don’t believe bright advertisements and creative logos. The value of VPN remains hidden in the unique set of features it offers.

5 must-have qualities for a reliable VPN provider

  1. It should have a kill switch: Imagine, you’ve lost your VPN connection due to some failure. This moment is very dangerous as hackers may attack your unprotected network and steal your data. Kill switch, key feature of all VPNs, switches off the network the same time as VPN crashes. It means that your data will never get revealed if your service is not activated.
  2. Its encryption mechanisms should go through constant upgrading: If your VPN uses too old methods of encryptions, smart hackers know them for sure. Reliable VPN is always smarter so it never uses the same encryption mechanism for a long time;
  3. It should be fast: Now there is no tradeoff between protection and speed of downloading. Quality VPNs never sacrifice speed for better protection; they always find the fastest solutions to help their clients. If you feel that trial version works notably slower, try another one;
  4. 24/7 technical support: Good services always try to solve their users’ problems as fast as they can. If you use trial version, ask some simple question to your support team and wait for an answer. If there is no quick answer, they will not give quick assistance if your problem is more complicated;
  5. The ability to choose servers in other countries: It may not be crucial if you do not use restricted services but never forget that you might move to another country and work from there remotely. The more servers your VPN has, the more opportunities you will have.

Is it enough for an outstanding service?

Even though a large number of services can boast with these features, not everyone has enough experience and reputation in this field. Even if you see that the virtual private network has all above-mentioned qualities, do not rush for a paid version. Look on its reviews and consider what professional think about it. If after reading their reviews you can tell with confidence that this service has enough reputation for corporate usage, nothing stops you from trying the unpaid version. After all, any good service allows trial periods and money-back guarantee. Click here for the Best VPN Services by Best VPN Rating.

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