15-year-old Saudi girl proposes a headscarf emoji

A young girl who lives in Germany has proposed to design a headscarf emoji.

The girl, Rayouf Alhumedhi, is originally from Saudi and has submitted her idea to The Unicode Consortium. This company is a non-profit organisation that develops and reviews new emoji ideas.

If her idea is given the green light it will be available digitally during 2017.

Currently across Europe, especially in France, there is a lot of discussion whether Islamic headwear should be banned. In France a ban in some coastal areas on the Burkini caused outrage. Pictures emerged of a women being forced to take her burkini off by four police officers, who were carrying handguns. Also a survey in the UK found that a majority of people would want a ban on the burka. Some people see it as a form of oppression over women.

In her proposal document Ms Alhumedhi wrote: “In the age of digitalisation, pictures prove to be a crucial element in communication.

“With the amount of difference in this world, we must be represented. We are here to discuss the addition of a HEADSCARF emoji.”

The drafting committee plans to present the final version of her headscarf emoji proposal to Unicode in November.

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