12-year-old designed and coded his own app - that dishes out daily doses of Eastern wisdom and philosophy

A 12-year-old designed and coded his own app – that dishes out daily doses of Eastern wisdom and philosophy.

Jakub Winczewski’s KookieMonster app is free to download through Apple’s App Store.

Users of the game are told to speak into their phone and ask a question before shaking their device to reveal a cartoon monster holding a fortune cookie with a Chinese proverb inside.

The young tech whizz, from Basingstoke, Hampshire, spent weeks writing the code for the game which he began learning at the tender age of seven.

Jakub said: “I wanted to help people with my app and share Chinese wisdom.

“I was overjoyed for it to be available in the App Store, I was shocked.

“After a lot of trial and error and mistakes and debugging, I was able to design my app and I felt relieved.

“I have always been a problem solver and liked solving problems and that is what programming is all about.

“You identify it, you make the code and you solve it.”

Jakub is the oldest of three siblings and said he was inspired by his dad, Adam, 36, a game developer who designs apps in his free time.

He said: “I am very proud of my dad.

“It is really impressive how he works and designs programmes and takes care of me, my brother and sister.

Jakub is yet to finish his first year at secondary school but is already making plans for his next design with his dad – a texting app using the fundamentals of Instagram.

Mum Karolina, 39, said: “Jakub has been into computing ever since I can remember and he was always interested in how games are made.

“He is a very curious child and that curiosity was a factor in him designing the app.

“In our family we do read a lot and Jakub came across Chinese proverbs and culture in a book and started to read more about it.”

“He started asking questions and trying things out for himself.

“I am most proud.”


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