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Independent journalism is essential to a functioning democracy; to hold those in power to account. However, the free press has never been weaker.

The majority of the UK’s press is now owned by just a handful of billionaires. Most of those owners don’t live in the UK, and all of them have strong political allegiances and financial motivations.

You may have noticed an increasingly strong right-wing bias in most of our newspapers, shifting and normalising certain views and attitudes in our society.

AGENDA DRIVEN NEWS: The right-wing media machine is highly biased and pushes a strict conservative agenda.

The mainstream press ever dictates public opinion, general elections and referendums, and protects the interest of its proprietors. It’s never been more important to provide a credible alternative, fact based or neutral view of events.

However, the free press is now being crushed by tides of misinformation – the ‘fake news’ epidemic.  Politicians, oil conglomerates, climate change deniers, corporations and even other countries are using fake news, propaganda and misinformation to sow confusion, dilute facts, create divisions and pursue agendas.  Fake news presents a huge threat to journalism, democracy and most importantly, the truth.


FAKE NWS: Fake news is being used by corporations and governments to dilute truth and push agendas.

No more whistleblowing: Who will hold the powerful to account?

Proposed whistleblowing laws could see journalists criminalized and handed prison sentences for publishing secret documents. On top of that, the Government is considering introducing laws that would make journalists and newspaper liable for legal costs, even if they win. This will result in the press avoiding any threat of legal action from the rich and powerful.

Pressure on real, trained journalists

As newspaper circulations continue to fall and online publications face increasing competition from fake news, it’s becoming harder and harder to pay real journalists for their work.

Investigative journalist teams are being laid off and replaced with teams of content creators writing click bait, viral posts and ‘listicles’. This is the only way that most publications are driving the traffic that pays the bills.

If you’re tired of reading about the ’20 best Celebrity Eybrow Styles’ or you’re fed up of seeing Fake News spread on social media, you can help by supporting real, independent journalists, and there are a number of ways you can do this.

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