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Most valuable sports franchises and a little about their owners

This infographic will take you through some of the most valuable franchises and what are the advantages of a franchise and a little bit of information on their owners. Firstly, on Florentino Pérez, the owner of football club Real Madrid. He has made the former Galactico’s great again by bringing in world class talent such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Kaka. He will most definitely go down as one of the most remembered Real Madrid owners of all time, solely on just how much money he has spent in the short period he has been there.

Another massive franchise is the LA Lakers, which is worth a massive $3 billion. The part owner Philip Anschutz, worth over $12 billion, came into big money by investing into stocks, real estate and railroads. Anschutz owns around 25% of the franchise, other owners include the Buss family, Edward Roski and Patrick Soon-Shiong. Being the second largest Basketball franchise in the world, there’s no wonder why there are so many co-owners to this massive corporation. Please see the infographic below for some more examples of the most expensive valuable sports franchises.

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