America loves sport. From the NFL Super Bowl to the NHL Winter Classic, there are multiple annual events that entice huge crowds from across the country. However, there’s one tournament that you might not have heard about. It’s called March Madness, and it features 68 college basketball teams battling it out for one of the most prestigious and desired prizes in US sport.

College kids these participants may be, but March Madness is as much adored across the nation as any other major sporting tournament. The competition turns 78 years old in the third month of 2017, with Sunday Selection – the moment when colleges cross their fingers and are told whether they’ve qualified – set to kick off on March 12th. Once the committee have whittled down the colleges to 68 sides, the tip-off will take place and March Madness will begin.

This year’s tournament is forcing basketball fans to pull their hair out in frustration, with no team emerging as clear favorite following a turbulent regular season. A lot of people are simply crossing their fingers and placing bets on names, colors, and numbers, and if you feel like putting some money down yourself, you can boost your chances using the infographic below. Brought to you by Cool Cat Casino, this image is an analytical summary of the luckiest teams and players this year – according to the Chinese Zodiac. One glance at this infographic is all it takes for you to pick a side to support, and saves you from having to do any number crunching yourself.

Featured image: Chad Cooper CC License 2017, Flickr. Dayton upsets Syracuse 55-53

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