Was that Harry Kane lookalike on Lorraine second choice to ‘The Chubby Harry Kane’?

Earlier today a Harry Kane lookalike named Danny appeared on ITV Lorraine’s ahead of England’s World Cup semi-final match against Croatia. Sadly not everyone agreed that he looked like the Spurs and England goalscorer, and it appears he may well have been second choice…

Twitter reacted like this.


TLE can reveal that Danny may have been second choice to Middlesbrough-born, Paul Foden, 28.

Harry Kane lookalike Paul Foden from Middlesbrough poses in England shirt.

Paul told TLE:

“I got a phone call to see if I could pop down to appear on Lorraine and told them I was from Middlesbrough. I said I would be struggling to get time off, but they said it should be ok and to contact Andy at lookalikes.co.uk. The next thing I know I was told they  opted with a guy based in London.”

Paul, who calls himself ‘The Chubby Harry Kane’ on Twitter, has no hard feelings towards his replacement, Danny, who has since received a number of not so approving tweets on the back of his appearance of Lorraine. One viewer even directly tweeted the Cleveland Council driver from Teesside to let him know he had competition.

Speaking of the abuse Danny has received, Paul said:

“I wish him all the best all his proceeds are going to a Cancer charity so I hope he does well out of it. I’ve had my fair share of stick and it’s not nice. I hope he doesn’t take it to heart.” 

Paul went on to say that he ‘personally doesn’t think he looks like Harry Kane, but other people often stop and ask for selfies… it just got crazy’.

The Boro lad, who can be found @boro_binman on Twitter, became somewhat of a twitter sensation of himself after a tweet he sent to the England Captain in June 2017 went viral.

Paul Foden ‘The Chubby Harry Kane’ tweeted the man himself.

Since then, things have exploded for Paul after The Sportsman involved him in a world cup music video with Bell and Spurling and Razor Ruddock. Following the video, which has had over 330,000 views, he was signed up to lookalikes.co.uk – a celebrity lookalike agency.

“I got asked to attend Atlantic Records World cup Party for England Belgium game to meet and greet people take photos etc met some really nice people also recently got asked to go to Manchester for the Sweden game for The Sportsman again where I just walked about the pub taking selfies etc.”

But what does he think the score is going to be in the big game between England and Croatia this evening?

“My prediction I think it’s 2-0 again nice and controlled dominating win.” 

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