UK women vote for Quidditch and Dodgeball to become new commonwealth games sports


By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

A nationwide ‘Summer of Sport’ survey commissioned by High and Mighty, has revealed that the UK’s women would most like Dodgeball to become a new Commonwealth Games sport followed by Quidditch and Surfing.

When it comes to looks, women think that men look sexiest when they are swimming, followed by athletics and rugby 7’s. Interestingly men agree that other men look sexiest in the pool.

Other top choices for bro-mance include: Athletics and Football.

Additional results also found:

  • The most watched sport this Commonwealth Games is set to be athletics with 47.1% of respondents aiming to tune in to watch coverage over the games period.
  • Women favoured athletics as the number one sport to be tuning into, followed by gymnastics and swimming.
  • When it comes to the attractiveness of female competitors, men chose athletes as their preferred physique, with 29.7% agreeing. Other top choices were:


Gymnastics 19.6%

Netball 15.9%

Cycling 8.7%

  • Despite men finding netballers attractive, less than 1% of them will be tuning in to watch it.
  • Top men’s choices for Commonwealth Games sports to watch are:


Athletics – 44.2%

Boxing – 11.6%

Cycling – 8.7%

Gymnastics 6.5%

  • Lawn bowls was the top sport to be avoided and cycling was the only sport that missed the bypass list.
  • Over 60% of respondents admitted that they would take-up sport to hone their physique. Athletics is the number one Commonwealth sport of choice to get into for both men and women.
  • The sports that men would most like introduced into the Commonwealth Games include:







  • Women would like to see the following introduced:





  • The sport that men think makes other men look sexiest is swimming. Other top choices for bro-mance include:


Athletics – 17.4%

Football – 16.7%


  • Women agree that men look sexiest when they are swimming, followed by athletics and rugby 7’s
  • Women believe that England will win the Commonwealth medal tally, followed by Australia. Men believe that Australia will top the medal charts, followed by England.



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