Top 5 Funniest Football Twitter Accounts

Footy Face Swap

Football Face Swap

Does what it says on the tin. Footballers, managers and pundits swap their face with other football professionals. Or in the case of Wayne Rooney, Shrek.

Bruce at Wedding

Steve Bruce at Weddings

There’s always one Steve Bruce at a wedding. Check out the man himself turning up to celebrate random nuptials.

Boring James Milner 

Boring James Milner

Ever changed a 4.5 tog duvet for a brand new 13.5 tog duvet and being so excited about it that you had to go to bed at 8? Well, you’re not alone. Boring old James Milner will keep you entertained with domestic corkers this season, so get following!

US Soccer Guy 

US Soccer guy

Soccer, an Americanism any football fan in Britain will scoff at. But what about a denial flag erection or major felony card? US Soccer Guy has coined a new generation of Americanisms that are quite simply hilarious. And when a red-faced Brit bites at his re-branded terms, the show really kicks off!

Deluded Brendan 

Deluded Brendan

Brendan Rodgers has many attributes, but a grip on reality certainly isn’t one of them. Here’s why:

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