Thug jailed for gunpoint robbery of former Crystal Palace owner

Detectives said they hope the lengthy jail sentence imposed on a “career criminal” who robbed former Crystal Palace chief Simon Jordan at gunpoint acts as a “deterrent”.

Adam Yaroo, 32, of Catford, south east London, was locked up for a total of 13 years at Woolwich Crown Court for the robbery in March, as well as a string of burglaries and other offences.

Detective Inspector Dan O’Sullivan, of Croydon CID, said: “This was a difficult and protracted investigation which commenced after a gunpoint robbery in Croydon on March 21st.

“After an initial reactive investigation there were limited lines of enquiries, but the team working incredibly hard and ensured no stone was left unturned.”

He added: “I hope today’s sentence acts as a deterrent to criminals who use firearms.

“During the March 21st robbery, he pulled a firearm on a member of the public in broad daylight.

“This type of terrifying, brazen criminality is rare but it is our job to bring people like Yaroo to justice, and today’s sentence is the culmination of the diligent work of the investigation team.”

Yaroo was sentenced to six years and four months’ imprisonment for the robbery and Imitation firearm offences relating to the 21 March incident, and six years and eight months’ imprisonment for the other offences – each to run consecutively.

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