Super Bowl XLIX – Seattle Seahawls v New England Patriots

By Sean Simara  @TLE_Sport  @Sean_FootyMad

So here we are.  It’s finally Super Bowl week.  On Sunday evening the defending champions Seattle Seahawks face the New England Patriots.  Russell Wilson v Tom Brady; Pete Carroll v Bill Belichick; an elite defence against a high class offence.  Who will be crowned champions?

The New England Patriots  have been surrounded in controversy this past week.  Deflate-gate has been generating all manner of column inches and has almost overshadowed this marquee game.  Brady and Belichick have both pleaded not guilty (or at least that they had done nothing wrong on purpose).  Bill Belichick is known for being one of the most meticulous coaches in the NFL so is he and his star QB really telling the truth?  That question is for another day, so let’s look forward to what will officially be (in terms of viewers at least) the biggest sporting event this year.

For me there are key match-ups all over the field that will prove vital on Sunday.  If all players the turn up on form then we are in for a sensational game.  Hopefully this should also be a much closer encounter than the Seahawk’s 43-8 demolition of Denver last year.

I think the Patriots will be angry – angry at what’s happened the past fortnight.  Their legacy and integrity has come into question this will fire them up more than ever.  Tom Brady is on his quest for his fourth Super Bowl ring and will be looking to seal his legacy in the game once and for all.  Brady will also be relishing his contest with Seahawks’ cornerback Richard Sherman.  The trash talking started between these two in 2012.  There is contention over whether Brady or the ever vocal Sherman started the feud.  Nevertheless the famous ‘You Mad Bro’ comments and pictures on Twitter made by Sherman after that 2012 Seahawks 24-23 victory will most definitely surface again this week.

We know trash talking is nothing new and in the Super Bowl it will be no different. The Seahawks defence are known for it and don’t let Brady’s nice guy image fool you; he can dish it out just like the rest of them

The Patriots have the better offence on paper and Brady will need all of them to be firing for this encounter.  The match-up between Kam Chancellor and Rob Gronkowski will be huge.  If Chancellor can disrupt Brady then the Seahawks will have a great chance of victory.

However, don’t forget that the Patriots have stars in their defence too. Yes, Sherman is excellent but for the Patriots, Derrelle Revis is a very skilful cornerback and will be more then determined to show the world he is the best in his position in the NFL.

As we watched in the NFC championship game Seattle looked dead and buried against Green Bay, but with 4 minutes to go came one of the best turn-arounds I have ever witnessed.  Could it be written in the stars for them to retain the Super Bowl?  They have an unbreakable team spirit and truly believe that they can do it in Arizona.  Their defence is the best in the NFL and on the biggest stage I expect them to turn up pumped.  They also have a very special and talented quarterback.  Russell Wilson felt God was on his side in the NFC Championship game; he showed true grit and willpower to turn his worst game into one of his best. His mobility is an advantage over Brady so New England will have to try and keep him in the pocket.  However he’s dangerous there too as Green Bay found out to their cost.  The Seahawks can also turn to ‘Beast Mode’ Marshawn Lynch who turned the game on it’s head against the Packers.

The AFC Championship game was not so dramatic.  Deflated balls or not Brady showed younger quarterback in Andrew Luck that there’s no substitute for experience.  The NFL is known as a quarterback game and no matter how good Wilson and the Seahawks are, I’m going for Tom Brady to edge Sunday’s game and confirm his status as an NFL legend, joining the likes of Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw with four Super Bowl rings.

Given the events of the past fortnight, the Patriots have all the incentive they need.  Belichick will have his players psyched up and ready to go.  Tom Brady has been a man on a mission and for me, he’s the man to get New England’s hands on the famous Vince Lombardi trophy.  Is it his destiny to become a Super Bowl winner once more?

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