Premiership Preview…in Poetry

By Sharon Jones, Senior Tutor at Bolton Sixth Form College and Club Poet at Bacup Borough Fc.

 Sharon runs a Football Poetry Workshops in schools, libraries, community centres, and you can find me @BBFCClubPoet and


The Professor

Resplendent in FA Cup glory

Yet Gunners salivate for the source

Of Premier Silverware

To crown new princes of the park

Create new artists

Bergkamp Henry and Brady

The Wright Wright Wright stuff of dreams

Where football paves its pathway

From the summits of the past

Beyond the borders of boots

And blazes Giroud Ozil Walcott

Whose football ignites with possibilities

And the perfume of passion.

Aston Villa

The Villans

With their Angel


The saving grace

Post-modern wings

Not flights of fancy

And Sherwood

Bets survival success

Against the odds.


The Cherries

The pick of the crop

From bucket collections

To bucket list

“Pensioners Piers Panto and Premiership”

But new headlines are waiting to be written

Scribed by boots

That blow down the wings

Of history

Ask Steve Fletcher

He’s a legend of some standing.


TLE The London Economic

Oh Mourinho

What dreams scheme

In reams

And coil

Around the subtleties

Of sound-bites

That nib the pens

And scribe the dens

Of journos

Keeping football on the pitch

And off the pages

Of scrutiny



Scratch Jose

And the special one bleeds

But one blood…


Crystal Palace

There are dreams of silver glory

And there are dreams of past’s revival

But the dreams that keep ambition checked

Are the dreams that grant survival

The parish buzz for eagles dare

Tho wings may melt too high

But Pardew punches in his weight

To hold on to the Sky…..


The blue side of the Mersey

The ‘Peoples Club’ declared

A rise up former glories

Behind the toffee lady’s skirts

The gathering of the Gwladys Street

Blue Kippers number 9

The return of Big Dunc Ferguson

The summer’s biggest sign!


TLE The London Economic

The Foxes resurrect

The Tinkerman

And Claudio is his name

The ‘dead man’ walking back to life

Football’s a funny old game!


The leaving of Liverpool

Proved hard for Stevie G

But past is passed

The Reds walk on

Can Rodgers Kop the league?

Man City

The Irwell, the Irk and the Medlock

‘Superbia in Proelio’

Sterling Delph Zuculini

Money talks a damn good game

Will they flow as strong?

 Man Utd

A nod to Adidas

And a new retro kit

When they won the lot

With a bunch of kids!

Newcastle Utd

TLE The London Economic

The Faithful

As always, tested

But in black and white terms

Gallowgate hearts

Beat in Toon

The clock is ticking…

Norwich City

Vibrant green and yellow

And the oldest football song

“On the ball, City”

And whilst they have a ghost of a chance

Of surviving

I wonder if M R James

Took in a game…


There is a romance about Saints

Perhaps stemming back to the days of

Big Lawrie McMenemy

Whose surname I could never pronounce

But who was once voted

“Housewives Choice”

Which was much more prestigious than

Manager of the Year!


Club of the marvellous kitman

Neil Baldwin


Now with Sparky in charge

Fresh fireworks

Fused in the boots of Britannia

That won’t cost Banks of England!

Sunderland AFC

TLE The London Economic

Black Cats

With charm

Sat at the Match


Beneath the light of a stadium

Niall Quinn’s Disco Pants!


High flying birds!

Tottenham Hotspur

White Hart Lane

Not Drury Lane


The stage is set for

Broadway Danny Rose

With Fast Harry Kane

Thirty goals off the hip

The sharpest gun in town

Boots for bullets


Pochettino’s cannon.


The Pozzos and the Joker

Like Goodfellas we are amused

By the

Partizan Hornets

Twist of managerial turnstiles

But I remember Luther Blissett

Scoring the winner against Tranmere Rovers

Graham Taylor really liked that!

West Bromich Albion

Regis Cunningham and Batson

God blessed the knees of the ‘Three Degrees’

Three boss lads who blazed the path

Three black pearls who shone with brilliance

Played with resilience

And the fans they danced

They whipped up a trend

‘Samba in the Smethwick End’


And the Astle Skinner-thon

The terrace roared for

Regis Cunningham and Batson.

West Ham





The East.

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