Pardew out – we shouldn’t have let him back in

By Ian Caroll

Newcastle United fans are ungrateful, deluded and fickle. You’ll already know this if you read the work of some of the finest journalistic minds of our age- Paddy Barclay, Rob ‘Shep’ Shepherd et al. Those deluded Geordies have actually dared to criticise Alan Pardew after their eleven brave lions were dumped out of the League Cup at White Hart Lane. How very dare they…What do these Northern Clowns expect? Their team had played half decent for nigh on one month out of the last twelve, and yet they have the nerve to give ‘Pards’ some grief over (yet another) heavy defeat, and shockingly awful, performance.

I had first hand experience of this deluded, fickle nature on a train to London on Wednesday. Speaking to two of these “fans”, who pay thousands of pounds a year to follow their team, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. They actually suggested that their team, their club, ought to actually try to win games, win trophies, strive to be better. Who do they think they are? Real Madrid? Manchester United? Hull City? What right minded set of supporters wouldn’t be grateful for four or five weeks of half decent football, amongst a year of garbage?

Don’t they know Mr Pardew had to sell Yohan Cabaye (totally out of the blue, nobody saw that coming) and Andy Carroll, for a fraction of his true value, a mere four years ago? Any reasonable, rational group of supporters would feel privileged to be allowed to watch the likes of Yoan Gouffran, Mike Williamson, Cheik Tiote and Vurnon Anita on a regular basis. Some of the very best footballers in their respective families, and yet these so called ‘fans’ think they somehow deserve better. They even think that they might expect more of their manager. As if!! Don’t they remember he got them to fifth only two and a half years ago?! He’s also saved them hundreds, if not thousands, on pointless cup runs. And speaking of which (I’ll mention this because Alan is too introverted and self deprecating to do it) he got West Ham to an FA Cup Final once.

What Newcastle United fans, and many fans of other clubs, need to learn is that their club can’t be expected to try to get better, to try to win games, to try to improve. Their run of victories against Leicester City (in pretty much the worst game of top flight football ever) Spurs (who were in the midst of losing to everybody at home, and had battered United for the first half) Manchester City (to get through to a League Cup quarter final in which they would phone in a truly rotten performance, against Spurs- see above) Liverpool (don’t laugh) West Brom (another set of deluded fans who aren’t happy at losing and being a bit rubbish most of the time) and The Mighty Queens Park Rangers (at home, against a Rangers team that haven’t won a top-flight game north of Loftus Road for about three years) ought to have shown them that they have a habit of being decent enough in November, and anyone who expects anything of the sort for the rest of the year is an ungrateful, deluded fan who isn’t welcome around here.

Let’s talk again…after the Sunderland game.

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  1. Phil Terzza

    Pardew is awful, never has been any good. At the start of the season he had free choice of a just about fit squad (more or less), goufran and williamson starting, sissoko wide right, tiote coming in after a few games. losing loads and `pardew out` being heard everywhere. Makes changes because of injuries – Perez comes in and starts to look decent and promising (despite not looking likely at getting a sniff at the very start of the season), obertan out of the abyss to get 3 man of the match awards, sissoko is therefore pushed back into a more central role and playing out of his skin, Dummet picking up at full back or centre half, Taylor coming back in and performing, Abeid playing and showing us the composure that tiote lacks and Rolando Aaarons looking fantastic whenever he is fit to play (again despite not looking like he will be a regular at the very start). So without the good fortune of injuries he wouldve been sacked, because he is now playing a starting 11 that would never be have been his free choice

  2. David Blackett

    “Deluded fans” by a deluded an obviously non football fan of a journalist. A thatcherite that lives in the big smoke and associates northeners as misguided uneducated plebs. Can a fan not be passionate? Can a fan not believe? A rugby city of Wigan won the FA cup in recent years and although on the decline, they have their moment in history. I’m not a huge fan of AP, but I believe in the next game and turn up to SJP to support the team and believe that good times will come. Delusional? Perhaps. Fickle? Certainly not. So bring on the unwashed and believe… Ps, no relation to Phil, although close to the team… JM top LE journalist.

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