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By Sean Simara  @Sean_FootyMad  @TLE_Sport

We’re heading into the final quarter of the NBA season when things start to get very serious.  Remember it’s the top 8 teams from each conference to go into the play-offs.  Then the winner of each conference goes on to the NBA finals.  So here’s what’s going on Stateside.

The Cleveland Cavaliers currently sit top of the Eastern Conference; Lebron James’ team always looked set to win the East.  They have the best team and after last year’s final defeat, they want to right that wrong.  They were crippled with a bunch of injuries last year.  However, getting past any team in the west in the final is easier said than done.

Kyle Lowry and his Toronto Raptors have impressed so far this season and are in second place.  Another team who could be a road block on the Cavaliers’ path are the Miami Heat.  Even with Dwyane Wade a year older and in the twilight of his career, the Heat are still dangerous.  Their starting 5 is talented and Erik Spoelstra is still one of the best coaches in the NBA so they’re definitely a threat.

Last year, Atlanta Hawks were riding high in the number one spot; things are not quite as good this year, but there still in the play-off picture.  Currently filling up the last few spots are Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls.  Paul George, the Pacers forward, has bounced back from a horror leg injury a few years back and they could cause a upset come play-off time.

The Bulls fan base must be frustrated to say the least.  They have a former MVP in Derrick Rose, again a very good starting 5 in Jimmy Butler, Pau Gasol, Taj Gibson and Nikola Mirotic so they really should be a lot higher up the table.  Rose does get questioned for his willingness to play through the pain barrier and how much he really wants it now.  It’s similar to the other major sports team in the windy city, the Chicago Bear’s QB Jay Cutler in the NFL.  He also gets slammed for his passion and is his heart really there?  It must be a Chicago thing.

Anyway, for me in the Eastern Conference it will be the Cleveland Cavaliers v Miami Heat in the finals.

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