Must-know F1 betting facts for all interested punters

It’s no news that Formula One racing is loud, fast and full of glamour and excitement! It can get even more exciting if you’ve placed a bet on the race. Whether you indulge in Formula One betting for increasing the sport’s fun quotient, or to make some serious money, we have the entire low-down for you on the F1 bets.

While at one level F1 is considered the simplest of all sports, as it’s just about cars driving in circles and the first one finishing winning the race, on another, it can be incredibly complex, involving all kinds of acronyms, arcane language, rules and regulations. However, when it comes to Formula One betting, it usually falls very much in the former category, as there are no complex mechanical intricacies involved there. The emergence of reliable tips providers like SBAT have also helped greatly as even the novice F1 bettors can score huge betting wins these days!

Having said all that, please know, carrying out thorough research and improving your F1 knowledge can significantly help you beat the bookmakers’ odds, and score handsome betting returns. Furthermore, there are several F1 betting markets that even newbies can comfortably bet on, despite having only basic knowledge of the sport. Let’s now take you over the main Formula One bets that you can indulge in:

Main Formula One bets

Drivers’ world championship – These bets are about predicting the driver who’ll win the season-long championship title, gathering most number of points from all the races. So anyone who had bet on Lewis Hamilton to win the 2017 F1 Championship must be smiling right now! You can also bet each way, at 1/3 of the odds offered on championship, guessing the top two finishers.

Constructors’ world championship – Same as the above bet, this one combines both the cars of an F1 team, which combined together bag the most number of points throughout the F1 season. There’s no each way bet available for constructors’ world championship.

Race winner – By far the easiest and most popular F1 bet, in this one you simply predict who will win the concerned F1 race. Each way bets normally go at ¼ of the odds offered on the race winner, for top 3 finish.

Podium finish – In this F1 bet you guess if the concerned driver would get a podium finish (top 3) in the concerned race or not.

Top 6 finish – Quite similar to the podium finish bet, in this one you predict if the concerned driver would finish among the top 6 drivers in the race. You’re also allowed to bet on whether a driver would be among the points or not (a top-10 finish). So yours would be a winning bet if you had bet on Esteban Ocon to finish among top 6 in the recently concluded 2017 Mexican Grand Prix.

Pole position – As evident, this bet is about who’ll win the qualifying race and therefore start the race from the pole position, that is from top of the grid.

Fastest lap – This type of F1 bet is about predicting which driver will score the fastest lap in the race. It’s a nice bet to have some fun throughout the race as it keeps one involved in every lap of the race, as long as one’s selected player is in the fray.

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