Companies spend a lot of money, sometimes up to thousands and millions for endorsement contracts with the top-level racers with hopes of their fanbase purchasing their apparel or brand of motorcycle. If you were to go through results of several motocross events, make a list of the bikes and gears used by all the racers in the field then make a total, you would be surprised to see that even though most brands are very popular, most riders don’t use their products.

Just like other nations, the UK motocross drivers and team have had a series of ups and downs in MX world championships. Britain has managed to produce stiff competitors since the first day, and it has had very noticeable success over the years. One of the major factors that have helped the UK motocross tea achieve this huge amount of success is their top-quality gear.

To make sure they have all odds to their favour, the UK drivers always use gears with the best ventilation and which keeps them cool, hence enhancing their performance. This helps the rider to be more engaged and focused on the race. It is easy nowadays to get a great gear in a well-reviewed site like 24mx where you can get all the best gears that can suit you well and that drivers find irresistible.

The UK drivers have shown their professional skills by winning the MXGP championship which was a big competition. Jeff Smith X2, Graham Noyce, Dave Thorpe, Neil Hudson, and Jamie Dobb X1 are the British drivers that have got awards in the FIM Motocross World Championship which is one of the biggest championships in motocross. This has been a great success because looking at all the 5 drivers, they are all competitive professionals and really skilled riders in the field.

Right now, the United Kingdom hosts an extremely competitive and healthy championship and has quite a good number of professional skilled riders who are competing in the MXGP which is a world stage and the AMA championships. This means that the competition will be stiff this year considering the amount of passion that will be in the field because of the talented drivers who will be racing. We have high hopes that the World Championship will be brought home by the UK riders soon as they have shown a lot of potential with their recent success.

If you are ever interested in being in the classic motocross and getting the real taste of it, then you are very lucky. The Vets Motocross of Nations happens annually at Farleigh Castle which is in Somerset. Here, you will get a chance to see the most legendary drivers who will be racing classic bikes and wearing top quality gears. This event can be as well compared to time traveling. This is due to the fact that you will see many styles of this sport because of the rich history of motocross in the UK. It will be even more fun since it will be held in the most iconic motocross tracks in Britain.

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