More scenes of violence captured on Boxing Day Hunt

This is the shocking moment violence erupted during a traditional Boxing Day hunt leaving one female protester injured.

Police were forced to intervene after trouble flared between fox hunt supporters and
demonstrators at the Atherstone Hunt on Wednesday.

One woman had chunks of her hair pulled out after being assaulted at the event while other protesters had their cars attacked.

Labour’s shadow environment secretary Sue Hayman said a Labour government would review the Hunting Act 2004 to ensure it is an effective deterrent, including jailing those who broke the law, to bring it in line with other animal abuse crimes.

Yesterday we revealed shocking pictures showing a suspected broken eye socket suffered by a hunt saboteur who claims he was attacked by supporters of a Boxing Day hunt in Elham, Kent.

There was also a report of a 19-year-old and a female demonstrator punched in the face by hunt supporters a the Ashford Valley Tickham Hunt in Tenterden, Kent.

Now footage released by West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs shows violence erupting as they protested illegal fox hunting in Market Bosworth, Leicestershire.

Footage filmed by the group show clashes breaking out in the crowds and one woman having her violently yanked as she voiced her anger at the event.

One yob can be seen angrily trying to get into a protester’s car which has been pelted with eggs before he kicks the vehicle as it drives away.

The chaotic scenes erupted after protesters drowned out the speech of a hunt member with chanting as around 200 people gathered in the market town’s main square. Protestors chanted “shame on Leicestershire Police” for not intervening to stop illegal hunting.

A West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs spokesperson said: “Boxing Day is the biggest day in the hunting calendar.

“It is totally outdated for them to continue hunting, and totally barbaric.

“Of course it’s not acceptable for protesters to face violence just because they want to voice their disagreement with the hunt. But it’s not surprising.

“If people are willing to be violent towards animals, it’s only a small step to being violent towards humans.

“One woman was injured after having her hair pulled out – but she’s OK now I believe.”

The Hunting Act has banned the hunting of mammals with dogs in England and Wales since 2004.

Hagley Hunt (c) SWNS

Despite the Labour government’s ban on fox hunting, Theresa May has said that she has “always been in favour of fox hunting”, while Michael Gove has so far refused to close loopholes in the law, creating an environment where hunts can continue.

Labour Party petition to end the illegal practice for good has so far received over 160,000 signatures.

Quorn Hunt (c) SWNS

The Labour Party insist that with Tory cuts to police and little resource for the National Wildlife Crime Unit, convictions have fallen to historic lows – despite hunting groups claiming that the practice is as popular as ever.

By Ben Gelblum and Mark Cardwell



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  1. Russell Burrows

    Since the police are either corrupt or inept, Is it not possible set up a discrete fund to pursue private prosecutions against the most blatant of these law breakers and thugs? A crowd funded top lawyer would surely get results .

  2. Nathan Redshield

    Last I heard the foxes were busy spreading rabies. All to bring down the surplus population to reach Climate-Change goals. Also, with fewer people the wait queues at the NHS would be shorter.

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