Hartlepool fans mark final game with stormtrooper fancy dress

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

Hartlepool fans are known for getting dressed up for the last day of the season, and have previously gone to the match in Smurfs’ and Thunderbirds’ outfits.

This weekend though they went as stormtroopers and it looks fantastic. Sadly the trip was all the way to Plymouth and they lost 5-0, but I’m sure they still had a great day out.


Speaking to the BBC, Hartlepool boss Craig Hignett said:

“Every year I look forward to seeing what they go in. The spotlight is on us last game of the season because of what the fans do but I hope for their sakes it’s not 300 degrees and they’re all stuck in plastic suits because we can’t be seeing a mass collapse.

“I think they’d had to pay another £8 to get flaps put in their Stormtrooper outfits, which is something I never thought about with Star Wars.

“If a Stormtrooper needs the toilet he has to take the whole lot off whereas our lads have got one over of them and put flaps in so fair play to them.”

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