Guinness release inspirational Rugby video in time for World Cup

By David de Winter – Sports Editor   @TLE_Sport  @davidjdewinter  #MadeOfMore

Ex Springbok Ashwin Willemse turned his back on gang life with the support of his rugby team. Hear his incredible story.

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With the eyes of the world turning to England for seven weeks of sporting history, Guinness is celebrating the festival of rugby by released a short documentary as part of their Made of More series portraying ex-Springbok wing, Ashwin Willemse’s inspirational journey from impoverished teenage gang member through to rugby legend.  The film highlights the values of teamwork, togetherness and positivity which led to Willemse eventually rejecting the life of a gang member and turning to rugby, a decision he readily admits probably saved his life.

Ashwin Willemse’s story is just one of many remarkable stories the rugby community provides.  Over the next 43 days there will be many more stories written into rugby folklore.  Who has it in them to be like Ashwin, to take the right path and be made of more?

You can see more amazing Made of More stories at Guinness rugby:

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