Getting through urban runs with the help of a running band

Urban running is becoming very popular with city dwellers who despite the fact that they have extremely busy work schedules; push to make time to keep fit through the cities ample footpaths.

Running with the aid of a running band is the common norm as most people carry a smart phone with them through their day and either don’t have anywhere safe to store the phone while they workout or actually need the phone with them. There are countless health and physical activity apps that help you keep tabs of your workout schedule and progress.

Making that difficult transition from work space to workout space means being prepared mentally – this means psyching yourself up for the run as well as being organized enough to be able to leave work and hit the ground running, literally.

Taking time to suit up for a run with your running band

I’m sure no one is so idle as to just sit there and twiddle their thumbs and countdown the minutes until the work whistle blows. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare yourself beforehand. Each of us have our own ways of preparing for a workout, but one way I get myself ready is by wearing my running band sometime during the last 30 minutes of work. In it I already stash my android phone and house keys, making me sure that I won’t forget these vital items.

All that is needed to get me in workout mode is that simple step and I know that whatever happens at work, when it’s time to go, I am ready to begin my run.

Urban runs are great workouts as the inconsistency of running through various surfaces, higher, lower, turning left, right, stopping, starting, all of these aspects add to your workout and give it that extra jolt. Apart from it being far more interesting and exciting and mentally stimulating than gym workouts on a treadmill, it also helps burn more calories and trains each muscle that little bit more.

Using a running band that suits your needs is important part of allowing yourself that extra help you need to be able to run with a clear mind. Any such assistance is available for your ease of access, for security and to keep you “hands-free” in order to experience better running techniques, without unnecessary strain.

Taking steps to plan a better urban workout

  • Plan your route beforehand. Although taking a random route into new areas sounds like an adventure, you don’t need the added stress of getting lost or running into an area that will have less than perfect conditions for running. Sit in your spare time and mark out a well-known route.
  • Know the current street conditions, weather matters as does road blocks and construction – make sure to find out the current road conditions of the day before you set out
  • Keep safe, it doesn’t matter if you are a bearded 6 foot 2 monster of a man, dangerous situations should be avoided, keep to open streets and paths – especially at night
  • Keep the right running band with you for your runs, make sure that it’s a perfect fit for your body and for the items that you will need to carry with you during a run.

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