The Fantasy Football Blog Week 28 – serene progression

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I feel that this has blog has been more interesting in the times of turmoil. This isn’t one of those times. Everything has gone okay. We’ve come back from the international break, made a couple of changes and things are fine. Not a lot to see here.

If that gives you your Fantasy Football Blog fix for the week, then feel free to end here – seriously, not a lot happens.

We managed 41 points this week. That doesn’t sound a lot, mainly because it isn’t, but set against a game week average of 32 points, it was enough to see a bit of progression; FC Fakin’ Run Aboutabit now stand in a distinctly average 1,647,638th.

The only note of concern is that 31 of those 41 points came from just three players. Christian Eriksen brought home 15 points with his brace (get lost, Harry, it was Christian’s goal and we’re banking the points, so just f*ck off you largely chinned goal thief), Luka Milivojevic, brought in as a defensive midfielder, can’t stop scoring and banked 10 points, supplemented by Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang continuing his sterling start to life under my tutelage with another goal and another six points.

The defence was shaky, but it has been all season. Nicolas Otamendi has started to look like the Otamendi we all knew he is, the spirit of the sound defender has suddenly deserted him.

Still, with everything looking okay, there was no need to trouble Gary, our player agent this week. I was informed of some unsettling rumours about him this week, that he’s been skimming a bit of cream off the top of the deals in which he is involved.

If you can’t trust a Range Rover Sport driving, decked out in gold, perma-tan, Armani suit wearing, overweight, middle aged man from the East End who likes to conduct to his meetings at motorway service stations with your money, then who on earth you can trust? I’m not having an inch of it. He’s been good to us, at times, this season. It’ll take more than rumour to sway me from my belief in him. Plus, I’d be too scared to bring it up with him. What’s 5% between friends, anyway?

This week, then, we go unchanged. We’re sticking with 4-2-3-1 and we’re sticking with the same personnel. The game is too easy when it’s like this. It makes me nervous. But what’s the point in making changes for change’s sake?


Schmeichel – Janmaat, Otamendi, Magurie, Cresswell – Milivojevic, KdB – Eriksen, Firmino, Dave Silva – Aubameyang


Gomes, Perez, Hegazi, Xhaka

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