The estimated cost of winning the 2018 World Cup

Things are heating up in the UK thanks to the heatwave and England’s newfound confidence in penalty shootouts during the 2018 World Cup. As the remaining teams all dream of holding the ultimate prize and fans eagerly await The Cup touching down on their home soil, someone is quietly footing the bill.

Everyone talks about the price of hosting the World Cup, comparing estimated costs to their typically distant final numbers. But have you ever wondered how much money each team spends on things like travel, food, and accommodation? With the world’s biggest sporting tournament drawing to a close in over a week, Rydoo have crunched the numbers to see who will be left with the biggest bill.

It’s estimated that the average cost of winning will come in around £149,465, as demonstrated on Rydoo’s helpful infographic below, but this will inevitably vary. This hefty figure is based on 23 team players and one manager and includes travel to and around Russia, accommodation, and 3 meals a day. For some teams, this cost will rise depending on where they’re traveling from, with Uruguay paying the premium of £180,421 whilst Russia will save on team travel expenses with a bill of £128,998. The final price is partly dependant on winning or coming second in the group stages, as the last few teams will travel different paths across Russia to play all their games.  Interestingly, the final number barely changes for England – it’s independent of the team placing first or second.

Whatever the outcome, we hope that through all the celebration and commiseration someone remembers to keep the receipts!

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