GoFundMe page set up to help Birmingham City thug pay compensation to Aston Villa star Jack Grealish

Social media yobs have set up a GoFundMe page to help a jailed football thug pay his compensation to Aston Villa star Jack Grealish.

The campaign to raise funds for Paul Mitchell was launched minutes after he was jailed and ordered pay 23-year-old Grealish £100 compensation.

The page bizarrely features a picture of jobless football thug Mitchell, 27, mocked up as King Henry VIII.

Mitchell, of Rubery, Worcs., was jailed for 14 weeks after he admitted assaulting the
Aston Villa captain when he stormed the pitch during the game against Birmingham City on Sunday (10/3).

Grealish, who was knocked to the ground after Mitchell swung a punch from behind, went onto score the only goal of the game.

The GoFundMe page states it was raising cash for “Paul Mitchell’s fine and family money.”

Paul Mitchell – Credit; West Mids Police 

It stated: “We’d like to raise a bit of money to help Paul pay his fine to a millionaire Grealish and help his pregnant partner get by whilst he’s away for a bit.

“Thanks in advance.”

Fans reacted in disgust at the fundraising campaign, branding it “a disgrace.”

Writing on Facebook, Ben Taylor stormed: “Take this page down! This scumbag deserves nothing.”

Aston Villa fan Edward North said: “This prat has had his 15 minutes of fame now let’s forget he ever existed.

“It’s a disgrace that people want to help pay off his fine. He’s not a football fan, he’s a sad little attention seeker.”

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