Crystal Palace star Yohan Cabaye asked about France return

The rumours are circulating that Crystal Palace star; Yohan Cabaye might be making a possible return to France. Cabaye, who was born in France and began his career over there before joining Crystal Palace in the Premier League, is a member of the French national team.

It has been a tumultuous season for the star midfielder who has seen his personal life splashed across the gossip rags and Instagram, which, he has admitted has been quite a distraction. The trouble was allegedly caused due to a fight between his ex-wife and current girlfriend. Cabaye wasn’t in the mood to discuss the drama around his personal life saying “It is my private life and I want to keep it private. It is the first and last time I will speak about this episode.” Though he did admit that it did affect his play.

It has been rumoured that Crystal Palace, which is sponsored by Mansion Group, the owners of the online casino, is looking to move Cabaye after two seasons that they feel have been less than stellar, due to various injuries and a lack of creative play.

While Cabaye said that he was “flattered” that Marseille would show interest in him, it would not be an easy decision. He has built a real connection with the club in London and he also has his family to think about.

That’s not to say that he would reject such a move, especially with the current state of Crystal Palace and the difficult season so far.

Cabaye said that there is a lot to like about the Marseille club and their determination to spend money to bring in quality footballers to help build a winning tradition. He also has a lot of respect for the coach. “It flatters. Really. I have immense respect for Rudi Garcia, the coach and the person he is.” But at the end of the day he would like to remain in the Premier League and bring glory back to Crystal Palace.


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