Football Sponsorship – A Great Big Gamble

Football is one of the world’s most watched sports, and it’s also one of the biggest commercial enterprises globally. As kit sponsorship has become increasingly popular, the price of real estate on a player’s shirt has sky rocketed, and brands are paying big bucks to advertise on top league team’s strips. Top Betting Sites has illustrated just how much sports sponsorship is worth, and has outlined which teams are raking in the highest turnovers thanks to their involvement in marketing. It’s interesting to note which industries are involved in sponsorship, and how much money is paid for the privilege of an advertising association.

In a multi-lingual info graphic that covers the 2015/16 and 2016/17 period, Top Betting Sites have broken down the differences between the English Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga sponsorship deals, outlined how much each one is worth, and how much has been invested in marketing. The socio-cultural factors that play a role in sponsorship are also examined, and the industries that play the biggest roles highlighted.

When it comes to market share, online gaming companies sponsor 50% of EPL teams. Overall, gambling is the best represented sector, sponsoring 12 of 58 teams, but in terms of investment, comes in well behind airline, automotive and financial sectors’ spend. Gambling companies have been quick to put their names on kits and stadiums, but a recent move by the English Football Association to end its sponsorship deal with Ladbrokes and discontinue any commercial agreement with gambling firms may be a game changer. In the future, other sectors may well take over sponsorship, and the stats will shift and change as other investors come to the fore.

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