FC United of Newcastle – a new hope?

By Joe Mellor, Deputy Editor

As Newcastle were relegated to the Championship, the only ray of hope was whether Rafa Benitez, will remain in charge on Tyneside.

Regardless of that decision many Newcastle fans, myself included, have become disillusioned with the ownership of the club. They feel the soul of the club has been taken from them, by people who don’t understand the fans, the club or the city.

Well one group in association with Wallsend Town FC are trying to create another team on Tyneside, FC United of Newcastle, a club ran by the people for the people.

The same model been done successfully across the UK in various sports, but the most famous examples are F.C. United of Manchester and AFC Wimbledon.

The group are currently trying to raise funds to set it up and hopefully create a side that could one day even play Newcastle United in the FA cup, you can dream, that’s what football is all about.

They say: “think how you fell in love with the game. Really think about those games, enjoy those memories.

“Now let your imagination wonder what F.C. United of Newcastle would look like for you.”

Once a Geordie always a Geordie, but maybe it is time for a change?

For more information contact fcunitedofneewcastle@outlook.com




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