Fantasy Football Blog week 8: These are heady days

Miles Reucroft is undertaking a different way of playing the ever popular Fantasy Football this season. To understand his methodology, read part one here

International breaks are always an interminable bore, punctuated with moments of deep concern for the welfare of your players. You want to get back to the cut and thrust of club football, but you want to get back there with a squad of fit players.

We go into game week eight on a real high. A 65 point game week in week seven, 14 points above the average score for the week, has lifted FC Fakin’ Run Aboutabit to a season high of 1,782,530th in the table. Harry Maguire came in and did a great job, whilst KdB and Kane shone through to deliver a stellar week.

It was a shame to have the positive momentum broken. I was desperate to get back into action and keep moving forward. Instead, happy with my squad, I was left to simply hope that none of the boys picked up any injuries.

N’golo Kante picked up a knock whilst he was with France. I was tempted to pick up the blower and give Didier Deschamps a piece of my mind, but thought it was just the whisky talking, so decided to leave it be. I’m not overly happy about it, though, as he’s been a linchpin in our midfield and I’ll have to leave him on the bench this weekend, which means Granit Xhaka is my go-to midfield enforcer. He doesn’t usually fare too well when left to his own devices, so Delle Alli, a man with question marks hanging over his own head, will have to drop deeper to help out.

I considered making a change. I considered getting on the phone to Gary to see who he could fix for us, but I’ve heard rumours that he’s in deep with the authorities right now. If there’s one thing I know he doesn’t like, it’s awkward questions from me and I could do without his threatening tone around me at the moment.

After all, the garden is rosy and if it ain’t broke… we’ll be giving the current squad another chance to impress.

Phil Jones still hasn’t completely shaken off his knock and I don’t think it’s right to throw him in yet. I want to stick with a back four, so that means Cedric, Stones, Maguire and Bertrand playing in front of Butland.

Xhaka and Alli will provide midfield cover with an attacking midfield trident of Gabbiadini, KdB and Dave Silva laying on the bullets for captain Kane.

Can we break into the top 1,500,000? These are heady days, but anything feels possible.

Team for game week eight:


Butland – Cedric, Stones, Maguire, Bertrand – Xhaka, Alli – Gabbiadini, KdB, Silva – Kane


Grant, Jones, Kante, Rodriguez


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