The Fantasy Football Blog week 22: falling faster than the FTSE 100

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Last week was a near complete shambles. As if bidding farewell to Dave Silva wasn’t enough, the boys racked up a mere 31 points for the gameweek. This, against an average weekly haul of 43 points has lowered us to 1,438,508th in the standings. Things are regressing quickly.

I decided that the lads needed a pick-me-up this week. I decided that I needed a pick-me-up this week. Silently sipping on whisky in the aftermath of Dave’s departure, I couldn’t get my head around the fact that I’d had to let him go but that I still had Phil Jones in the side.

“No more shall a terrified midfield have to turn back to see his gurning face galloping awkwardly as a bits-and-pieces right back with all the grace of a shire horse chancing its arm at Royal Ascot,” I said to myself. “We need stability; not leaden-hooved ridiculousness and own goals. It’s time for a change.”

I soon worked out that I’d be better off saying that to Gary, our player agent, rather than my own miserable reflection. So I did just that.

“This is what happens when you play a centre back at right back, pal,” comes the sarcastic reply.

“I know, I know, but the situation has demanded it of late,” I reply. “It has become unworkable and he needs to go.”

“I can get you £5.4m for Jones,” says Gary. It’s a fair price and I agree immediately. There will be no chauffeur driven and tear fuelled exits this week. I won’t even say goodbye, I’m at the end of my tether.

As Jones departs I start scanning the market for some options. Kieran Trippier, formerly of this parish, enters my thinking. I was reluctant to let him go originally but he was crocked and he’s a tempting option. Cedric, another former FC Fakin’ Run Aboutiabit player is also piquing my interest. I briefly dabble with the idea of Pablo Zabaleta, but then suddenly remember that I’m not completely mental.

I enquire about a safer pair of hands. “How much for Daryl Janmaat?” I ask Gary.

“£4.8m,” he replies.

The steady Dutchman becomes our latest addition, also freeing up £0.6m in the coffers. He’s not long back from injury and I’m looking forward to seeing how he goes this weekend.

For the first time in a long time, we’ve got a proper back four. Janmaat and Aaron Cressewell as wing backs with Nicolas Otamendi and Ahmed Hegazi marshalling the middle.

Fernandinho will play the regista role, with KdB more of a roaming play maker as his partner. I’m feeling more adventurous with a genuine back four, perhaps recklessly so.

Xherdan Sahqiri will start on the right wing with licence to get at the opposition full back. Firmino will operate centrally as a shadow striker behind Harry Kane, with Christian Eriksen operating as a wide playmaker on the left.

I’m excited. The boys look excited. It’s time to get this season back on track.


Gomes – Janmaat, Otamendi, Heghazi, Cresswell – Fernandinho, KdB – Shaqiri, Firmini, Eriksen – Kane


Schmeichel, Xhaka, Maguire, Okazaki

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