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Week 19 went okay. 56 points were accrued but the weekly average was 58, meaning a slight slip down the league standings. We were 1,090,404th, but the correction sees us lying in 1,203,924th now. It’s not ideal, but it’s not the end of the world, either.

Captain Kane once again stepped up to lead the boys to respectability, with 26 points all by himself. He was ably supported by Bobby Firmino (eight points), Hegazi (seven points) and Jones (six points).

The rest of the lads had a quiet week. KdB only mustered two points, which was one below Bakayoko’s tally of three. (This game really is a load of crap isn’t it?! KdB was majestic against Liverpool and Bakayoko painfully average against Leicester)

Otamendi was our biggest underperformer, notching -1, which really wasn’t very helpful. He’s been brilliant for us up until then, though, so I’ll be keeping the faith with him.

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The only player I’ve lost faith in this week is Richarlison. He arrived to much fanfare and, initially at least, made a solid contribution to the side. As the temperature has dropped, however, so have the Brazilian’s performances. Two assists in his last six games weren’t enough to justify his place in the squad.

Especially once Gary, our player agent had been in touch. “I’ve got a client looking for a quick sale and I think this boy could be right up your alley,” he says.

“Do go on,” I say. “I’m all ears.”

“You know how you’ve said you’ve always fancied a mental Austrian, well today is your lucky day!” says Gary.

To clarify, I’ve never said anything of the sort. But my interest is piqued.

“I can get you Marko Arnautovic for £7m today,” concludes Gary, leaving the telephone line pregnant with suspense.

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I’ve got £1m in the coffers but same saleable assets. This is where the sale of Richarlison came in. I know Jose Mourinho once said that coaching Arnautovic was like coaching a child, but I believe that where Jose has failed, I can succeed.

I agree to the deal. Marko will add a mercurial touch to our midfield as well as a bit of flexibility. He can play wide or more centrally as an attacking threat, although I can’t rely on him to do much tracking back. It’s a risk worth taking, though. For now.

We get £6.3m for Richarlison, leaving the coffers looking a little bare, with only £0.3m in them. Let’s hope this one works out, it’s the biggest gamble we’ve taken this season.

For this weekend, were reverting to a 4-2-3-1. Phil Jones will play right back, with Otamendi and Harry Maguire in the middle, with Aaron Creswsell at left back. This offers a bit of flexibility in that Cresswell can push on forward, with Jones tucking in to make a back three when we have the ball. Hopefully this will compensate the more attacking instincts ahead of the back line.

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Bakayoko will continue to anchor the midfield, but will be joined by KdB, who will be operating as more of a roaming playmaker, starting moves deep but running the game as he sees fit.

Arnautovic will make his FC Fakin’ Run Aboutabit debut from the right side of our attack, with Firmino dropping off Kane in the middle and Dave Silva operating as a left sided playmaker.

It’s quite an attacking side, but hopefully we have the flexibility to cover all, okay most, bases.


Schmeichel – Jones, Otamendi, Maguire, Cresswell – Bakayoko, KdB – Arnautovic, Firmino, Silva – Kane


Gomes, Hegazi, Xhaka, Okazaki

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